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Instructions for Presenters (Oral and Poster)

Poster sessions will be held on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings (5:55 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.).

Poster boards will be set up with the poster number on each board.

Please consult theĀ schedule of poster presentations where you will find your assigned day and poster board number.

Your poster should be designed to fit in an area [46-inches (117-cm) wide by 36-inches (92-cm) high], as illustrated inĀ this diagram.

Please set up your poster after 12:00 noon on your assigned day and remove it by 12:00 noon the following day. Velcro strips will be provided at each poster board to attach your poster. (Pins or sticky tape must not be used.)

Posters not removed in a timely fashion will be removed and discarded by the organizers.

Oral presentations vary in length of time:

  • 30+5 (35 total) for Keynote speakers
  • 20+5 (25 total) for Invited speakers
  • 12+3 (15 total) for Contributed speakers

Please respect your allotted time so that sessions can remain on schedule. To avoid intruding on your speaking time or that of the person who follows you, please ensure that your computer is compatible with available projectors before your session starts. A common PC, and a common Mac computer will also be available in each meeting room. A laser pointer will be available in each of the session rooms.